Feeds and APIs

This section is aimed at sharing various feeds which might be useful to developers. They are provided as-is and there are no guarantees that they will permanently be around. So far, all feeds are in JSON format. Sorry XML evangelists. The content is all based on publicly available data, however the use of any feeds below for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

JSON-P is available by appending ?callback= at the end of the request URL.

World Service Content

API Endpoint: http://deepcobalt.com/api/wsfeeds/1/

These feeds are updated hourly with content collected from the various language websites of the BBC World Service. The datastore can be queried for different kinds of content, filtered by media type, language or date. Any combination is allowed, and comma separators can be used to select multiple values.

Filters: type: story|audio|video|image|gallery
lang: fr|ar|bn|my|rw|ha|hi|id|es|ne|ps|fa|pt-BR|ru|so|sw|tg|tr|zh-Hans|uk|ur|uz|vi

Example requests: http://deepcobalt.com/api/wsfeeds/1/ Returns all stories published in the last 24 hours
http://deepcobalt.com/api/wsfeeds/1/lang:ar,fa Returns stories in Arabic and Persian
http://deepcobalt.com/api/wsfeeds/1/type:audio Returns audio content
http://deepcobalt.com/api/wsfeeds/1/type:audio,video Returns audio and video content
http://deepcobalt.com/api/wsfeeds/1/type:video/lang:hi,bn,ps Returns video content in Hindi, Bengali and Pashto
http://deepcobalt.com/api/wsfeeds/1/type:gallery/lang:es,pt-BR Returns picture galleries in Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil)
http://deepcobalt.com/api/wsfeeds/1/type:story/date:20110515 Returns all stories from 15th May 2011
http://deepcobalt.com/api/wsfeeds/1/type:image/date:20110510 Returns all images published on 10th May 2011
http://deepcobalt.com/api/wsfeeds/1/type:video/date:20110510-20110512 Returns all videos published between 10th and 12th May 2011

The Wireless Audio Feed

API Endpoint: http://thewireless.deepcobalt.com/podslicer/feed.php

This feed is the backend of "The Wireless" project, which is an experimental prototype built over two days to discover BBC podcasts. It's published here for adventerous types who might want to re-use the data in a different manner.

Included in the data are podcasts published in the last 3 days, along with a reference to a 40 second audio snippet of the podcast. The snippets are available in MP3, AAC (MP4) and OGG formats.